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Self-Development Posts

4 Scientifically Proven Ways for Recovering Self-Esteem after Failure
Simplyilka - Top Post
Do you know why you can't boil an egg on Mount Everest?
The soft soul of a little patient - insight into art therapy in Giessen, Germany


Parenting Blog Posts

KachyTV Blog
10 awesome ways for raising confident and happy kids
KachyTV Blog
4 simple eating habits that will keep your kid healthy
KachyTV Blog
5 easy ways to keep your kid happy without technology

Science & Environment

Blog Posts and Magazine articles

Green Building - New Rules for Ecological construction in the UAE – Interview Discover Me
‘Green Tip’ for ExpatWoman Online Magazine
Sesam Business Consultants
‘Green Tip’ for Sesam Business Consultants; a series over 2 years
The (need to know) story of the inhalable insulin Afrezza

Market Research

Includes Research, Interviews & Writing

Switzerland Global Enterprise
Conducting a Market Research on 'The UAE Food Market' with Sesam Business Consultants for Switzerland Global Enterprises (s-ge)

Web Content

Web Content for the event website 'Germany meets Dubai'

Germany meets Dubai
Content for the event webpage of 'Germany meets Dubai'. Written in both, English and German.

Articles & Newsletters in German

Artikel & Newsletter in Deutsch

Germany meets Dubai
Artikel 'Dubais spektakulärer Gewinn der Expo 2020 wird die Wirtschaft erheblich ankurbeln!'
Germany meets Dubai
Artikel 'Pferde, Kamele, und was Sie schon immer über die Lieblinge des Scheichs wissen wollten'
Germany meets Dubai
Artikel 'Dubai World Cup 2014 – beim legendären Pferderennen geht es wieder um rund 27 Millionen Dollar'



Note: Medical Writing is usually done with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)



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